Mel Marsh (melsmarsh) wrote in perserverations,
Mel Marsh

Hi. :)

23 years old (24 in less than 2 weeks though!). I'm married with one child and three step-children. I'm a graduate student in Space Studies, which really makes no sense when you realize that it doesn't go with any of the majors I have!

Self diagnosed Aspie, I might actually get the real diagnosis but I am a little scared.

Anyway, my interests are many and some of them are more all consuming than others.

1) Vampires... particularly an unusual series called "Dracula: the Series". I'm insane over that one show and can talk your ear off if I have to!

2) Degree-collecting (So far I have collected Biological Anthropology major, Medieval Studies major, Liberal Arts major, Theater minor, History minor. Finishing up Space Studies.)

3) Astronomy

4) RPGs
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