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Clothing and Special Interests....!!!!

I was noticing the outfit I picked out today. In fact I've notcied a lot of the things I wear lately have one thing in common...they usually reflect my special interests. Today I am wearing a purple T-shirt and a denim skirt and BOTH have lilacs I've embroidered on them. Yes! I love lilacs! They're my favorite flower!

The dress I wore to Jan's wedding on Saturday is ALSO embroidered with lilacs AND carousel horeses! In this case I traced the bodies of classic carvings, but decorated them with my own embellishments to co-ordinate with the lilac theme.

I also have a white, full-circle skirt with carousel horses I embroidered over a decade ago AND my WEDDING DRESS is embroidered with them too! You can see it at

And of course there are the endless T-shirts, many which I've embroidered myself, including one with the heads of my six favorite horses on the front and the words "So Many Beautiful horses, So Little TIme" and a Muller MIlitary stander decked out in lilacs on the back. I also have GOd knows how many carousel T-shirts I've got from National Carousel Association Conventions and the places we've visited there, not to mention the ones I've won in various raffles!

Then of course there's KISS!! I have the obvious assortment of KISS T-shirts and a couple baseball caps, including the Gene SImmons hat I embroidered myself and tend to wear often, but my favorite are the KISS jeans I embroidered. I haven't worn them in awhile, but I've usually worn them to various KISS concerts and events including when I was an extra in "Detroit ROck City"!!! They've even been autographed by GEne and Paul!!!

THen there's also Tigger! I bought my hubby and I matching TIgger T-shirts from the Disney store in Binghamton, but my favorite is the light blue Tigger sweatshirt I embroidered myself. I wear it quite often in the cooler weather.

And I've also created a couple Asperger-related T-shirts for myself. THe first one is what I call my "Aspergerese" T-shirt. When I first started learning about AS, the literature I looked at was so full of new and unfamilliar words such as "prosody", "pedantic", "rote", "echolalia", etc. that I decorated a shirt with a colourful montage of these words. It's a definate conversation piece. THe other is a bright orange extension cord that spells out the words "Differently WIred" and there's an electrical outlet on the back. I think I might wear that one on Saturday.

Yesterday when I was walking down the street I got thinking about all this when I realized I was wearing my Gene SImmons hat and my Roseneath carousel T-shirt.
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