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Radio Flyer Wagons!!!

LAtely I've been perserverating about Radio FLyer Wagons! I've always liked them and I saw them EVERYWHERE when I was in Pittsburgh. THe amusement parks must have had a contract with them to rent them out to customers and the kids looked so happy and content travelling around in them! :)

About two or three times a year the Oshawa Centre has a big Antique Sale and yesterday I happened to see this adorable little miniature Radio Flyer wagon for sale for only $10. THe more I thought about it, the more I wanted it so, fortunately it was still there and today I BOUGHT IT!!!

As you can see from this link, I got a very good deal! Mine's like the first one with the pencils in it...

I keep it near the computer to hold my hard candies.

I've been fascinated with Radio FLyer Wagons ever since I saw them mentioned on a TV program about the most popular toys of all time and Mandy Patinken is shown sitting in one in the CD my hubby bought me on our first date when we went to his concert. THere are Radio Flyer toy fire-engines on poles in Green Jeans restaurants, and of coursenow I have my happy memory of seeing happy kids riding them all over the place in Pittsburgh. I went through my old family photos to find out what kind of wagon I had when I was a kid, but mine was only a Sears.
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