beetlebomb (beetlebomb) wrote in perserverations,

Visual Stimming...

I find that often I have trouble tearing myself away from the computer because I am addicted to my "eye-candy"! I have always loved creating colourful works of art and looking at gorgeous colourful pictures and things. Here is a link I've been finding inspiring lately...

And here is some of my colourful artwork...

Even before I discovered the work of this artist, the _ewetopia_ sheep and lifewithlouella have had the enjoyment of being able to walk into these wonderous places and go just about anywhere and I've had such a blast redecorating rooms and filing shelves with colourful stuff in _wunderkammer_ as well as wrldslgstolive. I enjoy participating in ms_paint_inc and mspaint_gallery and find myself creating new communities for the different kinds of art I've enjoyed creating and pictures I like to look at. This is part of the reason carousels fascinate me so much. Their colours and infinate beauty continue to capture my imagination...

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