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Perserverations Unlimited
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Do you have an unusual or interesting hobby or collection, an all-consuming passion that has haunted you for years? If so, this is the place to be. Although an all-consuming interest in a particular subject is something Aspies are notirious for, NT's aren't immune either! BWAH-HAH-HAH!!


I've already driven many people crazy with my obsession for carousels, hence the necessity for creating the carouselmagic community.

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I have a fascination with people who enjoy creating their own unique words and phrases, hence the necessity for creating the logodaedeli community.

My best friend and I are absitively posilutely BARMY abut Niagara Falls, hence the necessity of the creation of niagarabugz

I also moderate aspiegolucky and co-moderate pinkhatsociety but I belong to so many other communities that you'd have to check my personal beetlebomb user info to see my ever-increasing list, complete with several pictures of my favorite things. I guess you could say LJ itself is a major perserveration of mine.

To top it off, I also started a new community in which to post the adventures of Gladys and Edna in _ewetopia_

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Then I ended up creating letsgetwalkin and lifewithlouella

So if you have an all-consuming interest in something, please feel free to tell us all about it and share it in here and even promote your communities if need be!!!